All of us want to choose what food we eat, how to spend our time, where our children go to school, how to spend the money we have.


Give Aid Direct helps people in some of the world’s poorest communities to have choices and some control over their lives. We give the donor the ability to provide funds directly to a recipient. Our vision is to make this a reality for 40,000 families over the next four years. We do this by using existing mobile technologies to transfer money directly to people who don't currently have those choices, but deserve to be able to make them. 


Give Aid Direct works with a number of trusted people to ensure your donation, however big or small, has an impact. For example, if you donate £5 to Grace, and others like her in a remote village in Tanzania, who is struggling to send her daughter to school because her crops failed in last year's drought and the cost of school books became too much, your £5 goes to Grace to help send her daughter to school. It’s that simple, and that straightforward.


We are a small team of professionals with decades of experience in aid, international development and humanitarian work. We set up Give Aid Direct as an alternative to the bigger systems, to help people (like us) who have choices to connect directly with those who don't. We are passionate about finding innovative ways to help people.  Our promise to all those we work with is that we will continue to seek new and better ways of doing this. 


Our team

We have hit the pause button and are taking time out to reflect on the way ahead for Give Aid Direct.

We always said that we didn't want create another small charity, no matter how worthy, operating at the margins. The goal of Give Aid Direct was to have a fundamental impact on giving. And so far we haven't been able to do that. So now we feel that it's time to pause and reflect. Our experience so far has been tremendously valuable and has given us a much better handle on what it will take to succeed. In truth, we may open our doors again but we may not.

So, a big thank you to all of you who believe in the idea and have supported us so far. We'll update you when we decide what to do next.

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